Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Last night during Watch Night service, my daughter Caity gave a compelling testimony that simply warmed my heart. Last year was somewhat of a difficult year for Caity, ending with the passing of her paternal grandmother early December. The challenges were so intense that she even considered transferring to another college. However, with prayer and much thought Caity decided to ride it out, woman up, and face the challenges. Her father and I are pleased with her decision.

During her testimony, Caity shared her motto for the year - "It's mine in 2009." How fitting considering all she went through last year. You see in 2009 I don't believe that she will allow the gossip, obstacles or haters to get in the way of her accomplishments. I want to encourage you to make positive affirmations for yourself. Don't allow the haters to get the best of you. It's too early in the game to strike out now. Challenge yourself. Provide positive self talk. Pat yourself on the back, even when no one else will. Be your own cheerleader. You deserve it.



P.S. That's Caity on Halloween 2008. Isn't she cute!

Hello to all of my online friends!

Today I awoke with many interesting thoughts on my mind that I want to share with you. I use the word "interesting" because I am such a private person and sometimes have a difficult time sharing such intimate moments. Pray for me.

If you grew up with a parent or parents addicted to drugs and/or alcohol this entry is for you. You see, my mother as well as many of my relatives were addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Whew! There, I said it. Now to them, they simply "drank." But the truth is they were addicted. My thought this morning took me back to a night when I was on a date with a boyfriend. As we were heading home from a wonderful evening he looks over at me and says, "Isn't that your mama?" I simply mumbled, "yeah," with as much displeasure as I could. How dare he ask me such a question? Didn't he realize that I didn't want to be associated with the drunk woman standing on the corner? That by the way, WAS my mother. Didn't he realize that those words pierced my heart as well as any dagger could have? Didn't he know?

Whether he knew or not about my feelings at the time is not important. What's important is how I felt about myself. I was angry with her for her public display and with him for noticing that she was drunk and standing on the corner. Today, studies show that there are more than seven million children with a parent who is an alcoholic. So I am not alone. But of course, at the time I felt so alone. I was embarrassed, but didn't quite know what to do with my embarrassment.The same is with you. How do you handle the embarrassments in your life? Do you lash out in anger at your parent(s), your friends, yourself? Do you look to a boyfriend or girlfriend to ease your pain through sexual involvement? Or, have you become so self destructive, so numb to the pain, that you don't even know how you have handled the conflict in your life?It's not your fault that your parent uses. It's not your fault that they drink and/or use drugs.

Let me say it again. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! Now, move on with your life. Start this year, 2009, knowing that you have a choice. A choice to do whatever you want to do in your life. Your parents substance use does not define who you are now or who you will become in the future. They use not you.

Your Assignment: Write down 5 things that you would like to change in your life and why. Then write how you are going to make the changes.

Make the change,

Saturday, November 01, 2008

How ya doing? I'm back on board. I know that it has been a while, but my computer crashed and I was out of it. I finally broke down today and bought me a laptop and have been working like mad to reconnect with you. Using a laptop is quite different than my desktop. It is going to take me a minute to get used to the change. But that is what change will do, force you to readjust and take a look at how to make the needed changes in your life. One of the pros of having a laptop is the flexibility. I can move from one room to another with ease that I could not do before because I was confined to one room. And the mouse...need I say more. The keys are different and it takes me a little longer to type one sentence. Well the truth is it takes me way too long time to type one sentence. The mistakes are too many to share with you. My sentences tend to look like thisw and then i have to go back and edit. I mean, my sentences tend to look like that. Maybe it's the long nails. Anyway, I'm back and I really do want to hear from you.

Your Assignment:
What changes or adjustments do you need to make in your life? How do you plan to make the change?

Until the next time.

Love you,

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a long time. Please forgive me. I have been so caught up in life that I have not taken the time to connect. You see, on January 12, 2008 my unmarried 24 year old daughter disclosed to her father and me that she was pregnant. What did I do? Yell, cry, fuss. You name it, I did it. Let's just say, I didn't act very loving and kind. Not one sripture verse came to my rememberance. I was angry. Angry at my daughter, her boyfriend and even angry at myself. Earlier that day I had given a presentation at a writer's conference discussing my book, Brittani, and the importance of teaching young girls the virtue of purity and abstaining from pre-marital sex. As I sat in my living room sipping a hot cup of tea, sharing with my husband the highlights of the day, that we received the dreaded news. "Mom, Dad I'm eight weeks pregnant." I must admit I may have overreacted, but what is a mother to do? For years we had discussed pre-marital sex - having very open and candid conversations. So, how is it that she became pregnant? Personal choice. She chose to become sexually active. Period. I have tried to make sense of this whole thing as I am sure many mothers have done. The truth is, you can't make sense of it, because we can't control our children's behavior. We teach, instruct, train, provide, pray for and correct. But in the end, it is their choice to go outside of our value system, our beliefs as Christians.
The dust has settled and believe me there was plenty of dust kicked around. It is now nine months later, and we have a beautiful baby boy named Jason Michael. Note the "we." To all those Grandmothers out there - stay strong, keep praying, it get's better. To the young moms, we are here to support you. This Christian journey comes with paths to follow, curves that can take us around traps, road blocks that slow us down, detours that redirect, stops that warn, exits that distract us from our destiny, and even pot holes that can disable us. But in the end, we know that we serve a God that truly loves and cares for our very souls. I wish that my daughter had chosen a different path on her journey. God knows that I do. However, I can't tell you how much joy Jason Michael gives me. This is not the end of her journey, it's just the beginning of a new phase.
Nana Camille
Assignment: What do you really believe about pre-marital sex? Be honest.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sons and Daughters of Destiny


Just finished a workshop in ATL with the Sons and Daughters of Destiny Summer Youth Academy. It was great! The participants were fun to work with and they were very involved in the group discussions. I had to calm them down several times, especially when talking about pre-marital sex. But it was all good. I had an opportunity to share with them and they had the opportunity to give me some much needed feedback regarding the Tru-2-Life Series and Brittani. Everyone wanted to know what happened to Brittani, Ayana and Kenny. I gave them a sneak peek, but couldn't tell much cause I ain't finished with book 2 yet and I don't even know myself what will happen in the end with all of the characters. LOL

As you can tell by the pics, we had a ball. A DEA officer and his K-9 dog, Drake, were there to provide drug related info with the participants. Even though I work in the field of drugs and alcohol, I learned a thing or two. All I can say is, don't do drugs. Drake is definitely on the case. Trying to mask the smell with coffee, air freshners and whatever else you think of can not outsmart the keen nose of a trained dog. Trust me.

Here's a shout out to all of the participants, the panel guests and most of all to Ms. Katheryn Jones of Destiny Family Services.

Until nest time...
Be Blessed,

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why Can't We All Just Get Along

Hey Y'all,

Every now and again, I browse other blogs just to get an idea of what's out there. I also look for ways to improve my own site. But y'all, look at what I found while browsing. Other pictures of this nature can be found on

As they say here in South Carolina, "Bless their hearts." Aren't they just adorable? Now, let me be the first to say that I am not at all fond of rats or their babies. But even I can't deny the beauty and simplicity of this picture. A bird protecting a rodent with its wing is not something that you will see everyday. However, it reminds me of how God's love continually covers us. Even at times when we don't deserve it, His grace and mercy shields us.

Today, make an effort to protect a relationship. When someone offers you gossip about a friend, let the gossiper know that you will not tolerate such talk about your friend. Be like that little bird and guard your friend. Just remember, if that person will talk about someone else to you, they will talk about you to someone else.

Be Blessed,

Friday, June 01, 2007


Just wanted to share with you an upcoming event that I believe will be a wonderful opportunity for teens. It's the "Holywood Retreat" sponsored by Cee Cee Michaela (that's her in the picture). Check out her website at for more information on this event. Please make all attempts to be there. I know that I will. Cee Cee has lined up some really wonderful individuals to share their gifts and talents with you. There will even be a purity ceremony for those willing to take a vow of purity (more on the subject of purity later).

Take care,

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I just finished a workshop in the big ATL and I wanted to share this wonderful experience with you. The workshop, "You are a Precious Jewel" was hosted by Fresh Start for Women, Inc. Janice Pettigrew is the Founder and Executive Director of this non-profit organization. So, if you are in the Atlanta area, look her up. She's a great resource and just a delight to know. Their mission is to help rebuild self-esteem in women who have been victims of domestic violence.

"You are a Precious Jewel" was designed as a girls' empowerment program. Don't you just love it! I know I do. What a better way to stem the tide of domestic violence, than to provide information and resources for young women so that they may make healthy choices in their lives. You all are worth it.

The young women you see here in the picture were attendees of the workshop. As you can see, they are all precious jewels. I will be facilitating another workshop in September and we will be discussing teen relationship abuse. I look to see you there.

Much Love,